Back From Vacation!

colleen_blog_logoI have been back from vacation for over a week and have just sat down to fill all of you in on it! A week in St. Lucia….ahhh. Paradise. Frozen cocktails, a warm ocean, and no email or phone. It was perfect. A week of laying on the beach and by the pool is very exhausting and I found myself in bed by 10pm most nights.

I did bring two knitting projects with me and was bound and determined to make progress on them. I completed a winter hat/neck warmer that I have been working on for months, and I went as far as I could on a pair of legwarmers (ran out of yarn)…They both will go into a drawer and won’t be pulled out for quite some time, but I feel better knowing I completed something on vacation! There was a casualty to my project being completed however. My right arm was in the shade at the bar while I was knitting, but my left was in the sun. It has peeled at least twice in the last week and the lizard look is not really appealing I must say!

The snorkeling was good, but the best part of the trip was a walk on the beach where I met a couple of ‘locals.’ They were fishing with a net and offered to teach me how to throw it. I tried several times and did catch one little fish. Boy is that a lot of work! They fish and cook them right there on the beach. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. Second to this is the mud bath we did. The run off from the volcano creates this pool of a ‘hot tub’ if you will of muddy water. It is about 100 degrees. You soak in this water and then rub the mud all over you, let it dry, then get back in and wash it off. We were told that it is proven to make you look 10 years younger! (and they laughed when I asked for a second dunk in the mud!!)

We had a wonderfully relaxing time on vacation and came home to no snow. Spring has arrived and I am grateful. I came home to kids in sports, a backed up work schedule, and two weeks of prom’s, college visits, and more! I am not sure where the days go, but boy do they fly by.

Yesterday as I drove around the North Country I thought to myself….maybe what we need is one night a week for ‘girl time.’ A night just for the ladies to golf, have a cocktail, shop, or KNIT! I think that I am going to look further into that….stay tuned.

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