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greenhouseHi there. Hope you’re enjoying the nice weather. After seeing what Denver and Minneapolis and other parts of the midwest got recently, I was wondering when we were gonna see late April-early May storm that would drop a foot of wet snow here in the Adirondacks. I’m not complaining though.

So the garden is looking good as it’s getting-the-soil-ready-for-the-plants time. The indoor veggies I’ve started are looking real good, but I wish the pepper plants would grow a little more. One thing, who would have though that 32-foot long, 6-inch wide and 4-inch deep area of dirt would be such a pain in the tuchis to clear and move. I took out this area behind the home to widen the path so a car or small truck could drive up to our garage which is off the back of the house. The good part was that the soil is going into the potato bags.

Rain or shine, the Kentucky Derby will always be a must watch for me. One thing I found fascinating is how few starts many of these horses have going into the Derby. The horse I was rooting for, Verrazano, never ran as a 2 year old. Winning the Triple Crown is harder and harder. It’s a tough six week stretch with three races of three different distances. The money is now in stud fees. If a two year old or even a three year old wins a couple of Grade 1 stakes races, cha-ching, off to the courting barn, turn up the Marvin Gaye and start making future champs!

My boycott of the NHL has officially ended and there’s nothing better than the Stanley Cup play-offs.

I made it through the year without seeing the Phantoms play. For this hardcore hockey fan I go to watch the game. The other activities I have no interest in. Bringing in some guy to make a fool of himself, dancing and throwing t-shirts to everyone in attendance is not my idea of a good time. It makes it even more painful to go when the team isn’t competitive. I understand that not every team will be a winner on the ice, but if you show that extra effort fans in this town will show up and watch. Glens Falls is so desperate for play-off hockey and the one thing the Icehawks/Frostbite could never do was win a play-off series.

Like my garden, the golf game is being worked into shape for the year. Hit a couple of buckets of balls. I wish I had an answer for the hook I have off the tee, though. Can’t figure out why I’m closing the club face on impact.

Sunday, I went into Lake George dressed like an eskimo compared to everyone else who with long pants and a windbreaker on and met some friends at SJ Garcia’s for a Cinco De Mayo-type get together. I’m stealing this one and making it for myself at home. I had this seafood quesadilla that had shrimp, crab, and talapia in it. It was scary delicious! I even channeled Mike DuBray and was dropping habanero hot sauce on it.

I had my Bizarre Foods, Andrew Zimmern moment Saturday when a co-worker made chili with the family jewels from a cow in it. It was good and if I hadn’t known what was in it, I would have never guessed what that was. It reminded me of the time I went to the Bahamas and had Conch chowder. I wasn’t a spicy food fan at that point in my like and my Dad got a laugh out of that one. I thought it was gonna be like a New England clam chowder. Boy was I wrong.

One more thing before I end this entry I want to mention that I joined a new gym. I felt right at home when I stepped on a treadmill for that first 20-minute workout. Sending out the freak love…Leccese out.

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