Don’t take it for granted

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As I was watching the television show, 60 Minutes, last night as I usually do on Sunday nights at 7, something struck me about Lesley Stahl’s piece on the Russian punk rock group, Pussy Riot. If you are not familiar with the group, it is a Russian Feminist Punk Rock group that wear cheesy masks and play loud and obnoxious music. I am familiar with loud and obnoxious music. Some I like. Some is garbage. But my thoughts weren’t about the music. They weren’t about the message. The fact that the Russian government had to fabricate charges to send 3 women to jail has me just shaking my large head. The Ruskies need to make up charges to send the 3 women to jail for various lengths of time. They, the Russians, have admitted to making this happen. I was left breathless about this. Just think if something like that were to happen in the USA. I get my band back together. We go and play some crappy music and wear some homemade masks. And we lip sync our crappy music in a church. I would expect to be charged with something like trespassing. Maybe a ticket. Maybe go clean the roadside. I wouldn’t expect to get sent to the equivalent of Siberia. It’s just wrong. Lesley Stahl’s piece last night made me actually think about how fortunate we are to live in the USA. To be able to express an opinion. To be able to be treated fairly. To be able to play crappy music and wear silly costumes. Think about your life in the USA. Don’t take it for granted.

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