Free Time? What’s That?!?

colleen_blog_logoI am the General Sales Manager here at Regional Radio. When asked if I wanted to write a blog about what may be of interest to me I thought: “Hmmm. Of interest to me, or of interest to other women out there LIKE me?”

After thinking about it for several weeks, I realized that I now have something to share. What women do to get ready for “vacation.” Or should I say, what many women do? I am going on vacation next week. My other half booked the trip to a very warm and beautiful place and I am sure we will have a wonderful time once we get there. He would be perfectly content throwing some shorts in a suitcase with a bathing suit or two and heading for the airport. I, on the other hand, come up with a laundry list of no less than two dozen things that must be done before I could even think about leaving the house for a week. Who will watch the dogs? Oh boy, we don’t have enough dog food or treats, so I need to go to the store to get that. Are the teenagers going to remember to feed and take care of them, or let them out? I need to do the laundry, change the beds and clean the house because God forbid we came home to a dirty house or laundry to be done (a week on vacation means there IS ALWAYS going to be laundry to be done). Not to be morbid, but we are flying and there is always that chance that you won’t come back….and boy I would hate for someone to see my house not perfect when they came to clean it out!

Yes, folks all of these things run through your head when you are a clean freak like I am and want to make sure everything is good to go for your “vacation.” Next on the list of to-dos is packing. No, honey you can’t wear that or that….or that either. Off to the store to buy some “island wear.” For a week or so, your bedroom looks like Tommy Bahama collided with the Island Dress collection until you narrow down the ones that make the cut to go into the suitcase. Then you realize that you really SHOULD have dinner with the family before you go away and miss Easter so throw that into the loop of things we will get done this week. No problem, mom’s got this! (with a little help from grandma of course).

That dinner was last night. Me being absolutely stressed to the max at work and at home (I didn’t mention that I am trying to hire salespeople right now, trying to get the ones that work here motivated and out selling for the time I am going to be gone, buttoning up all of my own clients, and tying up loose ends here at the station) my other half asks me if I want to grab a quick glass of wine on the way home last night. Sure, why not? Over a glass of wine I share the list of things still to be done before I can finally relax on a beach. I share that I really am looking forward to completing a couple of knitting projects I have been slowly working on during our trip and he says “You aren’t really going to knit on the beach are you?”

There are about four things I really want to do on this trip. Relax in the sun and not think about home, work and kids; enjoy food and drinks we don’t have every day here in Upstate; snorkel, and COMPLETE SOME KNITTING PROJECTS. By the time a busy woman like me actually gets to “vacation,” we really do just want to relax and not worry about anything…but the time leading up to that is crazy. To all of you headed on vacation, enjoy a stress free time! I will share my vacation highlights with all of you when I return!

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