I Really Do Have a Face for Radio

miner_notes_logoDan Miner is Station Manager of TALK 1450 WWSC. Miner Notes is his blog about local events and happenings.

Coming to the Glens Falls Civic Center on Saturday April 13th, I am being “honored” with Dan Miner Bobble Head Night with the Adirondack Phantoms. 2,500 bobble heads with my likeness will be given out to hockey fans. The whole experience has been surreal to say it best. It started out with the Phantoms staff asking me if it would be okay to do a bobble head of me. I said no problem. At that time, I thought they were trying to pull a prank on me. Ashton Kutcher style. Fast forward to two months later, they bring it up again. I still think it’s a prank. A month after that, the Phantoms ask for photos. At that time, I knew it was for real. I then decided to let my wife and a few others know about it. Since then, it’s been mostly a good time for me. There have been a few “haters” but it’s their problem, not mine. What is truly bizarre is looking at a likeness of yourself, a caricature of yourself and you look at it and ask, “Do I really look like that? Am I going to scare my grandkids? Am I that homely? Would anyone really want one of these? Will anyone show up to get one if the teams stinks?”

I really was stressing for a while about the possibility of there not being 2,500 people show up. I’m a little bit better on this a week out from the event but until I see all of the bobble heads gone, I’ll be skeptical. I haven’t seen one of them in the flesh but I have seen photos of them. They got my last name correct. That’s cool. My hairline is my hairline. I’m bald. Deal with it. I am humbled that the Phantoms have chosen me for this. I have served the hockey community for well over 20 years. I have always tried to do my best and make it fun for the fans. The Dan Miner Bobble Head Night will be fun. A family reunion for my family and me. Good friends going out to dinner after the game. Something to be remembered for? Sure. It’s not the Adirondack Hockey Hall Of Fame but for me, it is. Thanks. After you see the Dan Miner Bobble Head, you’ll know why I have a face for radio.

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  1. Gary Coppel
    April 22, 2013 at 2:18 pm Reply

    Dear Mr. Miner :

    My son is a big fan of yours along with being a fan of the Phantoms. We have relocated to Southern California but he still follows the team. He saw that they honored you with a bobblehead night. He would love to have one. I contacted the Phantoms but no response. His 10th birthday is coming up. Any chance I could obtain one of these bobbleheads?

    Gary Coppel
    4626 Hazelbrook Avenue
    Long Beach, Ca. 90808

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