It’s Hard to Be Funny When You’re…

greenhouseHi there. I have to admit that I’ve been wanting to write this entry for over a week now, but as the title implies, it’s hard to be funny when you’re angry, frustrated and depressed.

The past two weeks have stressed me out to the point that I was scared that my heart was gonna explode or I was heading for a mental breakdown. The point of this blog has always been to make you laugh, and occasionally stop for a moment and think about something seriously. I was this close to going off the deep end and writing a post that I’ve would have regretted.

On to what this blog is really about. The funny and absurd. We start last Friday night, where I go into one of Sam Walton’s places in Queensbury to pick up a few items and head home. It was busy. I didn’t mind waiting on line to use the self service check out. I’d rather go to one those and do the work the work myself than have someone wait on me. I pick up my things and as I arrive, there was this woman with her two sons using the self-service to buy bicycles! I’m not kidding. I thought these were express check outs! Another woman had a cart full of stuff well more than the maximum amount allowed and she had a small bicycle in her cart. Then we had two individuals at the other two registers who had no clue as to what they were doing. There should be a sign that reads, “Your I.Q. must be a minimum of this to use the self service registers!” Sort of like the minimum height requirements on the rides at amusement parks.┬áMy next nightmare be waiting on line while someone who has no clue on how to use them buys a set of 4 tires at the self service register.

Another bad shopping experience for you. I go to one of the outlets to buy some new underwear. So much for being a bargain.

And finally there was the search for razor blades. I go to 3 or 4 stores looking for a 5 pack of the blades I need and there were none in stock. I decide to buy a new razor. The razor is cheaper than the replacement blades for it

No more shopping nightmares. Thoughts from the NCAAs. The zone defense that I saw Syracuse play against Miami was just plain scary good. Michigan is on a hot streak that reminded me of the one they had when they beat Seton Hall for the title. Wichita State, you’ll have your hands full against Louisville. As for the Cardinals, the speed they play at is different than everyone else’s.

More props to Kevin Ware who under the worst circumstances we find out is a pretty great kid. CBS, thank you for using better judgement and showing the replay of that horrible injury only once.

This week’s public service announcement. Friends, don’t let friends type stupid tweets like one that the Bills’ Stevie Johnson did, in which he suggested if North Korea was to consider starting a war against us, bomb Foxboro Massachusetts home of the Patriots. Uh, Stevie, please tell us you didn’t major in government at Kentucky.

There’s no better feeling than receiving your tax refund and then the euphoria quickly subsides when writing out that check to pay for your car insurance.

I was this close to unfriending some people I care about on Facebook, but calmer heads prevailed. We’ve all that feeling at least once, haven’t we.

Finally, this week’s sign of the apocalypse comes from Norway, where a few schools moved exams so the students wouldn’t cut or miss classes so they could attend Justin Beiber concerts in that country…Leccese out.

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