Miner Notes: Thoughts from Job Discovery 2013

miner_notes_logoDan Miner is Station Manager of TALK 1450 WWSC. Miner Notes is his blog about local events and happenings. 

As the Station Manager at the Regional Radio Group, I manned our booth at Job Discovery 2013 at SUNY Adirondack’s gymnasium on Thursday.  A few things struck me while I was there.  There are many people looking for jobs.  But many were only looking.  One of my jobs at RRG is to hire on-air personalities.  At our booth, at least a dozen times, I was asked, “So, if I wanted a job on the air, would I have to talk?  I don’t like the sound of my voice.”  Are you kidding me?  Questions like that don’t deserve an answer.  I am not a mean person by any stretch.  It just baffles me.  Too many were not prepared for any interview with any company.  Job Discovery is not a new event.  When showing up at a job fair, there are a few things you should do:

Don’t show up drunk or with alcohol on your breath.  Put on some clean clothes.  You don’t need the jacket and tie but show some pride in yourself.  Also, wash up and comb your hair.  The rule of thumb is you only have one chance to make a good impression.  Those were things I learned as a little kid from my parents.  I was fortunate enough to talk with some excellent candidates for positions here.  Maybe, I am too passionate about what I do.  Maybe not.  I know that many that are in a similar position as I am, that had the same problems.  I hope I’m not getting old and crotchety.  I think that Job Discovery is still needed but I am not sure if the current model is the way to go.  There will always be people going through just to get free stuff.  That’s going to happen.  I am of the belief that the, “You owe me a living” attitude is not generational.  Unfortunately, I think it’s societal.  Maybe I am that old now.

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